Jumat, 18 September 2015

Criteria Shoes that Fit For Pregnant Women

According to a survey conducted in the UK, 7 out of 10 pregnant women experience problems in the feet. The problems include swollen ankles (37%), swollen feet apart ankle (45%), and pain in the shin as they often use datat shoes (16%).

For pregnant women, there are a few things to consider choosing shoes for activities, among others:

1. For this type of flat shoes or low-heeled shoes types up to 2 cm.
2. The wide and ridged smooth soles to avoid slipping incident. For better you choose soles made of rubber because it is not slippery when walking
3. Choose a shoe with the right size, ie not too loose and not too tight. Especially if parts of the toes can move freely.
4. Use a soft, flexible shoe on the foot, it is to make your feet comfortable when walking.
5. You can choose shoes that porous materials, such as canvas, suede or leather smooth so that there is no buildup of sweat and bacteria that can cause foot odor.
6. If buy footwear at times during the evening. This is because the time tends to tired legs resulting enlarged feet.
7. Have a bulge on the footwear to be comfortable and help maintain the balance, this is because these shoes bulge can divide the body weight of pregnant women in meraata.

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