Jumat, 25 September 2015

Tips to Overcome Pain After Sports

For those of you who like to exercise, pain in certain body parts are common. It is caused due to the strained muscles in the body. However, some people believe that if the pain that arises after exercise can bring good in the body, which means it is a sign had been doing sports movement correctly.
But you need to know if the pain that arises after the sport should not be left continuously. Moreover, it interfere with your daily activities. Here is how to overcome the pain after exercise.

1. Compress with ice. If you experience muscle pain and no swelling, then you just do not break and excessive berkativitas. However, if the swelling in certain parts you are advised to compress with ice. This will reduce the pain Dapa your body.
2. Drinking Coffee. Believe it or not if meminu coffee before exercise can reduce muscle pain and excessive fatigue. In addition, coffee also can improve the body's energy
3. Doing massage. Massaging the right is able to reduce pain after exercise. This is because the nerves will relax and rejuvenate your body. Massage after exercise mempu proven to increase blood flow to the muscles and accelerate fertilization inflammatory chemicals that cause pain.

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