Jumat, 25 September 2015

Home Anti Tornado and Earthquake

Tornado disasters and earthquakes are natural disasters are difficult to predict. Many technologies were developed to avoid the disaster. One is the home anti tornadoes and earthquakes.

The house is located in Perth Australia. This is a vacation home while on vacation. Its location is not jaug of fishing villages, if you stay here you can enjoy the cool sea breeze up to the house. You can have this house at a price of 226 thousand pounds, equivalent to 50 billion rupiah.

Houses with a plain blue color was originally built by 2 brothers in 1978 as a house for rent both in term of display. Both brothers are making this home design very seriously. Starting from the material used as well as interior and exterior concepts.

This house was built with a high level of security. This is evident from the latest anti tornado and earthquake-proof used. Are like we know Pert coastal areas particularly vulnerable to tornadoes and earthquakes. Until now home with unique design is still standing strong and a lot of tourists who rented this house for their holidays.

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